NewCompany SRT comes young, free and fierce into the world. But at the background there are, well-founded, many years of experience and efficiency in the field of commercialization of any kind of products. As concern lighting systems or heating, professional tools or taps and fittings, the F.lli Scotto Rosato s.r.l. has satisfied in more than 20 years requirements of thousands of people. Some problems have occurred recently.
However, despite difficulties, and with the indispensable collaboration of our employees along with the support of our customers, we managed to go ahead.
Determination and hard work have given us success and satisfaction. A turning point, though was necessary.
Changes make life interesting, cheerful, beautiful. So, why not changing?
NewCompany wants to mean exactly change, a new organization of work, a different conception of reality that surrounds us.

NewCompany wants to mean an all-around evolution.


Hand is the true organ of civilization, initiator of human evolution.


Water is the substance from which everything comes into being; its ease of movement explains also the variations of things themselves.


Air carries, rises, broadens and, of man who doesn’t accept any constriction we say “free like air”.


The word “Fire” comes from the Latin term FOCUS, which indicated at beginning the fireplace and according to linguistic reconstructions it seems to be linked to Latin verb FOVEO and Greek φῶς (phos) that is light.


“Mother” of every living being, the Earth is source of life, whatever shape it takes: of mud, of stones, of plants.

Our story is short but long. Therefore it's maybe better to stop telling who we are and let this new chapter, like around these long years, be written altogether with you…

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